Esprit Gourmand fait de l’exigence la priorité de son activité :
Monitor and control product quality
Provide solutions to clients needs
Improve working conditions

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Sustainable Development Charter
Product quality :

Esprit Gourmand implements constant controls to guarantee highest product quality for its clients :
– Suppliers are selected on precise criteria : quality, labels, certifications, sustainable development approach.
– Systematic visual and organoleptic controls are undertaken at reception of goods.
– Quality control I maintained throughout the production process : nuts roasting and processing, products preparation on the day the order is received.
– Vacuum seal or modified atmosphere packaging is the preferred method of storage to maximise shelf life.

Actions undertaken :
– Monthly microbiological analysis (raw materials, products under processing and finished products).
– Oil temperature and saturation rate monitoring.
– Daily checks on cold-storage rooms temperature and nitrogen levels in modified atmosphere packaging.
– Tests on organoleptic quality of products during production.

Organic range :

Since 2009, Esprit Gourmand offers a range of organic products, buying from certified organic suppliers, rigorously selected :
– A comprehensive breakfast range with organic jams & spreads and organic cereals.
– In 2010, extension of the organic range to bar and minibar products sold either in bulk or individual packaging. Organic pastry ingredients are also added to the range.
– All of our organic products are certified “Product of organic farming” by Ecocert FR-BIO-01.

Service :

Customer service and an operational excellence is one of our priorities through :
– Commercial responsiveness and search for innovative and tailor-made solutions.
– Actions taken to mitigate, treat and register nonconformities and complaints.

Working conditions :

We believe good working conditions are essential to produce quality work, hence we are committing to :
– Provide training for all employees.
– Provide an occupational risks evaluation document to prevent workplace accidents.
– Keep watch on technological developments to upgrade equipment and reduce occupational health risks.

Key dates :

– HACCP approach started in 2007, adjusted each year.
– Compliance with organic methods of production – Ecocert licence since 30/11/2009
— 1st certificates of conformity in 2009 for some cereals and jams.
— Progressive range expansion since 2010 : jams, cereals, cereal bars
–Development of an organic bar snacks range end of 2010 : mixed nuts, crisps…